Sunday Writing Workshop x Charlotte



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Join us this Sunday at Onda for a Writing Workshop led by our beloved friend Charlotte!

With a passion for literature, music, and dance, and inspired by travels and the countries in which she has lived, Charlotte loves to turn moments of happiness into words.

"We must always thank the shea tree for the good fruits gathered from its branches during the beautiful season." - Ahmadou Kourouma

"Writing the Seasons"

During this writing session, we will put on the page our feelings while we experience the passing of the Seasons.

"Writing the Seasons" will connect the writing to Time and will allow us to think about how Seasons affect our life representations, while also exploring our internal Seasons.

The aim will be to write according to our intimacy, because "To write is to cross a season which is does not exist in any calendar ", as Françoise Lefèvre put it.

The contribution for the event is 15 EUR p.p. and will include a hot beverage of your choice to get the proverbial ink flowing.

We have 11 spots available, so DM or drop us an email if you are excited to join us on this journey.

Hope to see you there,

xoxonda x Charlotte

"Ecrire c'est traverser une saison qui n'est sur aucun calendrier".