A place with heart


Onda took the shape as an idea 10 years ago, when Iulia entered for the first time in the warm and very welcoming boutique Amapura, situated on 43 rue Goethe. There was something special about the vibe of this place, and you could feel it the moment you entered. Pitou, the creator of Amapura, had invented the perfect harmony for this place. By magic, Iulia's childhood dream box opened and another lovely wish appeared: that her cakes would be created in this place with heart. Then the box was carefully closed again, as she kept walking and wondering and allowing life to happen, to unfold its magic.

The dream box was opened again one beautiful day of June 2022, in Corsica, when Iulia spoke her wish out loud to Pitou: that if ever the space at 43 rue Goethe would become available, she would love to create something of her own there. The next day, it manifested. Pitou called Iulia with the news that the previous owner of the space would move and that the space would become available in a couple of months. Magic.

Onda had a place and a heart. 

Liliana chose Onda's name long before meeting Iulia. They were both sharing the same dream and together made it real.

Onda was created to be a space of inspiration where everyone can meet and share thriving ideas and visions. Onda has a powerful meaning, it is a wave vibration, everything that surrounds us and it translates the unfolding of life, the connection and change that magically happen. High frequencies have more energy and this is the intention behind the creation of our space. The food we eat and the thoughts we share can either empower or deplete us. Choose abundance, choose to thrive and the stars will align to create the vibes you need to accomplish your dreams! Onda is a place where the heart beats on the rhythm of care for the self and the others, of respect of the nature, the animals and the whole Earth!

We use organic and natural plant-based products that nourish the body and give you high energy for the day! Fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts,  seeds and legumes are the basis for our food, while the core ingredient is love for what we do and the precious wishes and intentions we send through our concept. Beauty and elegance is driving our visual sense of creation while we select our unprocessed and high quality products with care and consciousness to transmit you the most of energy.

The smell of carefully selected teas, specialty coffee beans, organic cacao, homemade hazelnut milk, colourful smoothies and invigorating and energising plant based juices will invigorate, caress and enveloppe you with a vibe of enthousiasm and joy!

We take your experience to the next level and offer a various selection of workshops on personal development, naturopathy, nutrition, plant-based cooking, sensory degustation experience, private events and dinners.

We are happy to speak to you about any special and personalised event you would like to organize.

With kindness and gratitude,

Iulia and Liliana