Iulia's story

When I was 7 years old I made a wish. When someone asked what I wanted to become when I would grow up, I said I wanted to sell cakes in a shop so I could taste them all.

Then I carefully put my dream in a box and went on a different adventure following my passion for sports through playing badminton and later squash. This passion brought me to Luxembourg and soon, I was able to honour my new land by representing it to numerous European squash championships.

Performance is a lot about motivation and hard work, but soon I felt nutrition could have a huge impact as well. I launched my one-month no-meat challenge and that was enough to never go back to my old habits. They say “never change a winning game” so that was what I did. One month later, when I realised the huge impact the new habits had on my performance, I knew there was only one way to move on and that was forward.

I took my experience to the next level by diving into the academic system. The first step was a three-year nutrition programme in CERDEN (Centre Europeen pour la Recherche, le Developpment et l’Enseignement de la Nutrition) in Brussels, followed by a Bachelor in Biology in Bucharest and currently I am enrolled in a Naturopathy programme in Paris. This path helped me to understand the scientific background of my experience and become aware of the body’s mechanism and how nutrition can shape it.

During all this time, I have enjoyed cooking and developing recipes and I have become more and more convinced of the impact food has on our well-being, the huge influence it has on our moods, temperament and energy levels, and how it models relationships with others and one’s self. The questions I’ve been asking myself in this process and I wish to ask everyone are: What part of you do you wish to nourish? How do want to feel?

This long process of discovery is magic and my dream is to share this with you because we all want the same thing: we all want to be happy. And one key to happiness is a healthy lifestyle: loving and supportive relationships, positive vibes, care for one’s self and others, for animals and for nature, food that empowers you through its energy. From this passion, Onda was born.

Buena  Onda!