Onda Acoustic Sessions - Venezuelan Folk Music



We are delighted to announce the first concert taking place at our little café this Sunday from 7PM, with the Venezuelan duo Isidro Landaeta and Nelson Echandía, hosted together with Itinerantes Asbl and Another Level Lux.
Isidro is a Venezuelan soloist/accompanist with 13 years of musical career and participated in international tours in countries such as Austria, Frankfurt, Panama, Cuba, Turkey, Mexico, Colombia and Martinique. He has won national and international festivals where the most outstanding ones are La Siembra del Cuatro 2019 (Best Cuatrista) and El Torneo Internacional del Joropo 2021 (Best Unpublished Work for the Cuatro Soloist). He is currently a founding member of the program alma llanera en Venezuela, Orquesta Profesional Henry Rubio and Suena4.

Nelson is a solo bassist/accompanist with 25 years of musical career also participated in international tours in countries such as Colombia, Bolivia, Australia, China, Lebanon, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Luxembourg and Portugal. He has won National and International Festivals where the ones that stand out the most are Silbón de Oro Best Bass Soloist (2009 and 2011) San Martin de Los Llanos Best Bassist (2009, 2010, (2014) Torneo Internacional del Joropo Mejor Bajista (2014) Torneo Internacional del Retorno Mejor Bajista (2012) Santa Bárbara de Arauca (2012) Festival Internacional del Jazz Barquisimeto (2011) Achill Harp Festival (2018) Noia Harp Festival (2019) Music Generatión Loise (2018) Gasteig de Munich (2019) Feria de la Chinita en España (2019) kaffeehaus mila (2019) was nominated for the Latin Grammy 2020 as best instrumental album with Agrupación Compasses. He has participated with the musicalization of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan Series. He is currently an Electric Bass Teacher at Audioplace Academy, Member of Compasses and Suena4.
In case your interest is piqued, can have a listen to some of their compositions below:
Price is 10 EUR per person.
Door opens: 7 pm.
Concert starts: 8 pm.
We're looking forward to having you here for this musical session, the first of many to come!