Men's Group Coaching - Intro Talk with Lyndsay


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Here at Onda, we aim to be more than just a café providing your with treats and great coffee. Beyond that, we're interested in promoting a healthy lifestyle, both when it comes to nutrition AND when it comes to self-development and doing transformation work.
After talking with our friends and community, we've seen a need to provide a space for men to gather and explore topics which are not talked about enough, such as healthy masculinity, self-confidence, compassionate communication, how to deal with emotions, anger, rejection, and the effect these have on the body of men.
And so, under the guidance of our friend Lyndsay, certified CO-ACTIVE and SOMATICS coach, we want to be the space where these meaningful and transformative conversations take place.
Does this speak to you? Then join in on Wednesday, Jul 12th from 6:30PM at Onda for an Intro Talk, where you will get to meet Lynsday and learn more about the four-week group coaching workshop he has designed. You will have the room all to yourselves.
Participation is free of charge. Feel free to forward this to your buddies too.
You can find out more about Lyndsay and the work that he does here: 
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