Cake Workshop



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Time for another special Onda Workshop, and this time we're gonna double, nay ☝️ triple down on desserts! Why? Because we love them! 😋

So, here's what we'll do:

• Bouncy Bounty Bars

• Carob Cookies

• Lemon Bars

And, needless to say, all the ingredients are organic, gluten-free and we will not be using processed sugar in any of these treats ;).

We will set up our kitchen into working stations, so that you can work in groups, and we will also prepare print-outs with the three recipes so you may try your hand at home and spoil your loved ones as well.

At the end, we will sit together and have dessert, but, you know, skipping the appetizers and the mains 🤪.

Price: 65 EUR p.p. (including the recipes, the tasting, water and a drink of your choice).

Email us at or call us to book. 


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